How to check the UP Scholarship Suspect List?

UP Scholarship Scheme provides financial aid to students in Uttar Pradesh every year for their welfare and scholarship and fee reimbursement. Students in Uttar Pradesh can use this scheme to pay for their current education and deposit fees.

The state also provides financial support for these students. Although almost all applicants are given a scholarship, sometimes the government stops the scholarship due to a lack of funds.

What is the UP Scholarship Suspect list?

Let us explain. This list only includes applicants who made mistakes when filling out the online application. We can tell you that the UP Scholarship Board collects data on its scholarship recipients every year. This data is then collected by district, and each district keeps a record of those students who made mistakes.

This list was created to detect fraud and misuse of scholarship funds. The Social Welfare Department of Uttar Pradesh makes sure that only qualified candidates receive the scholarship.

How to view the UP Scholarship Suspect List

  • Choose ‘Your login type from the dropdown menu.
  • Enter your registration number, date of birth, and password in the UP Scholarship Login.
  • Click on ‘Submit Now’.

You can now check the status of your scholarship. If your application is on a list of doubtful applications, you will see it displayed. If you’re also on this list, visit the nearest social welfare office and provide your application number.

The reason for being on the UP Scholarship Scheme Suspect list

  • Personal details that are incorrect or incomplete
  • Incorrect or incomplete educational details
  • Bank details that are incorrect or incomplete
  • Documents submitted that are invalid
  • Non-submission of required documents
  • Double Application
  • Other discrepancies found during the verification

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